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77 Station Local Pub


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Log Cabin Finishes Inc provides our clients the comfort of knowing we can help them with all their construction needs specializing in custom finishes & energy efficient smart homes with the most up to date products in todays market.

Our concept is simple our clients have the ability to call one company (Log Cabin Finishes Inc) to schedule and provide quality construction & management services in completing their project on time and within budget. By contracting us we can provide our clients with great competitive pricing by grouping the different trades and technologies together and giving our clients the best value for their dollar..

Anderson Financial Investments LLC

​​​​With tourism in this county exceeding one billion yearly, Clayton, GA, is a year-round tourist destination that’s also home to many locals, and surrounded by affluent communities. We recognized that there is a real need for a warm and inviting place to gather and connect, and The 77 Station will be just that! With fantastic food, live entertainment indoor dining and outdoor patio areas for dining and relaxing, a full bar, and Art Gallery, it’s sure to become a local favorite, and a  tourist destination. 


Conscious Living Design Group

Enhancing the lives of others through a conscious approach to design and construction.

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77 Station Local Pub

Opportunity for investors to get  involved with conscious and sustainable approach to design and construction. Create self-sustainable projects with natural sources of water and energy. Commitment to minimizing negative influences on the environment and communities. Maximizing positive impacts, to better all aspects of one's wellbeing.