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About David Anderson

Define the project goals. Conduct a feasibility study, including socioeconomic FACTORS, AND IDENTIFY potential risks and opportunities. Identify sustainable design principles incorporated into the project's design. Engage stakeholders: to build SUPPORT AND ensure that the project aligns with their needs and interests. Develop a project plan: timeline, budget, and scope, plans for obtaining necessary permits and approvals. Implement the project plan ensuring that all design elements are incorporated & project is completed on time and within budget. Monitor and evaluate the project: After the project is completed and evaluate its performance. This will also help identify opportunities for improvement and ensure the long-term success of the project 


Dave has worked in the construction and development industry for over 40 years, with his interest in alternative energy sources and sustainable design & development beginning in 1998. In 2003, he was invited to assist in the creation of a 500 home Off-Grid development in Mexico, designing numerous sustainable systems, incorporating a hybrid concept using solar & wind technologies, a self-contained desalination plant, and bio-friendly reusable waste water for landscape areas. In 2004, he opened a sustainable Bed & Breakfast in Mexico. In 2008, Dave created company for ecofriendly building products, and energy & water saving products that reduced the consumption by up to 50% for the Resort and municipal industries. In 2014, Dave returned to the US where his focus continues to be Sustainable Design & Construction, in the residential and commercial sectors. In 2021, Dave fell in love with Clayton, GA, while building a luxury log cabin for his client, and made the decision to make it his forever home, as he continues to do what he loves, focusing on various sustainable projects of all sizes, both residential and commercial.